monochrome no more

Feathered hands caress the canvas

Carbon carving trenches grey

In no man’s land

The grey will bend

Lends dense light array
Much mires and masks

And hides the gleam and glint

In such fires will we bask

Not loath the light they lent
But blinking back to grey

I pray monochrome no more

But still my sight, it stays

In grey ceilings, walls and floors
Often wisping me away

In grey what wonders lie

They’re whispering

They’re shouting

We’re here just to collide

And words the grey did say

Have truth in happening

Our star trails overlap

Noir sky now claps and sings
Tuck my eyes away

There in trenches grey

Paint until there’s grey no more

Paint the ceilings, walls and floors
Blinking back from the edge now

Soaring Scarlett’s revert

Now to wayfaring ways

And too the violet views

Now lost the sight they knew
And every hue has havoc woven

Waiting for release

Patient till pupils pass them over

Then bursting every seam
End the trend of trenches grey

Quench my thirst for color splay

One day, in time, she’ll hear my call

She’ll paint my ceilings, floors and walls


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