blushing roses bled

pour on me
that serenity
your gleaming gardens get
you’re strumming words
I can’t forget
that hummingbird’s
a silhouette
wisped away
till nothing’s left
when you stayed
was woe bereft
but my toes
taste bitter grass
sweeter those,
there in my past
an ocean of flowers
hums for your nectar
I devote my hours
they don’t             affect her
dear hummingbird
you forgot your shadow
you left sweet words
you showed me sorrow
still see your form
in gardens lush
when you were born
all roses blushed
but when you fled
their eyes, they bled
down stems cascade
paint the garden red
the peonies
have hardened hearts
they plead with me
“don’t fall apart”
but they, too
grow crimson
those who would dry
his            tears
that hummingbird did fly
when met my scarlet fears


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