absence of compassion

compassion’s doors are sealed to me
a rash explorer, my tears are seas
they’re vast and churn, away from glee
they’ll last and burn my feeble cheeks
found her glow when I walked alone
I placed her on a rose-gold throne
in a room of stellar hues
where curtains burn with scarlet fumes
I breathe them in my arid lungs
and hold steadfast my eager tongue
the words I fling, affection bring
and sing a song with fleeing theme
then vacant grows the rose-gold room
alone I’m left with somber tune
the conjured spells my mouth sets free
ensnared my heart, imprisoned me
I sent my love on affection’s wings
they’ve since been clipped of airy dreams
a sterling slip, I fell for she
I lost my grip of reality
my words have fallen, on two more ears
who’d keep my spells, but not me near
and once again, my most grave fear
drowns my heart and siphons my tears


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