drunken heart assault

our age assails all drunken hearts
they gloss and paint their sunken parts
on the page I spill all battered thoughts
enraged they’ll kill me with scattered shots
found in their range, I better steer clear
before astounding pain in my heart appears
they’ve dug themselves defensive trenches
and hurl their judgments from “pristine” benches
their fences spiked, they’re tense and trite
since they taste not love’s delight
those sober hearts are fortified
they’ve empathy and love denied
their sympathy was slit and died
when they once in love confide
are daring drunken hearts, meant to wander?
their sober counterparts find love to squander
and so uncage all drunken hearts
whose chambers brim with sterling sparks
let them loose, electrify
kick the chair, but noose defy
shoot the flare, but aid deny
those sober hearts in stasis lie
my drunken heart has been assailed
where sober hearts have long prevailed
I fling my sparks and words and self
they’re sweetly met, but shoved on shelves
but with drunken chambers, I meander still
till it’s siphoned all, my remaining will


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