star conjuror

my heart is a flutter
and I don’t know why
stuttering beats
when she walks by
but not across my face
nor in reality
of her, I catch a trace
in my day and evening

I saw her first
in a room of sound
of stellar verse
she forged around
she walks a tightrope
with nimble fingers
sorrow lost hope
where she lingers
a voice like hers
could conjure stars
with each new word
they’re not as far
she wrought a staircase
beyond the clouds
to lift angelic faces
when they’re downed
hypnotic hands and voice endowed
unravels and dissolves my shroud

a voice that will
make warm the sun
I’ll listen till
my heart is done
the melody
that left her lips
could calm the seas
or raze its ships
but it built a forest of silver trees
who reflect her image, in all I see

I need not forage
for too long
in cerebral storage
I’ve saved her song
her sound, a pillar
holds the sky above
while those trees of silver
fill with butterflies and doves
and my body, too
it is the same
it brims with sights of you
and tells for whom to aim


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