one among a thousands suns

my heart is a flutter
I now know why
my veins are muttering
never say goodbye
my eyes insist
keep you around
my ears throw fits
without your sound
for your voice, I grasp
with unworthy ears
I’ll make it last
through all my years
and some day
when you forget
my dream still displays
your stalwart silhouette
you’re in my mind
you are concrete
statuesque, divine
from eyes to feet
you’re a friend
of sunshine and wind
I’ll stay within
my shade and send
letters, words
to ensnare your eye
as my life and world
pass me by
I’ve no need
for company
who’d only see
the husk of me
I’m not here
in their presence mundane
to them, I may be near
but my mind is not the same
it wanders off
with you somewhere
Earth coughed us
past her atmosphere
up here you see
a thousand suns
but as for me
I see only one


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