Cityscape drenched grey
Is all I see
Down, clouds sway
To concrete sea
My eyes slip and stray
From grey to grey
Until the flower shone my way

I want those petals
Pouring through my hands
Her roots sewn into my head
Her peony parade
Draw my knees a weaker shade
In flower bed daydreams she’s made

Hidden in a forest made of steel
Concrete trees, her form concealed
Dandelion prowling-
-scouring grey fields
For hours lying in
Her flower bed hills

Eyes trapped-in this hazy skyline
Her roots-latched onto my lungs
Unlike the moon
Don’t need the sunshine
To illume the room
Or exhume my lungs

Somewhere the concrete sea
Is dripping, drenching, dousing me
Demands all eyes to deck when she
Flutters through this fluming sea

Once upon my mind
Tulips teased the tree
And thrice she twirled her hair
Therefore, floor met my knees

And so the ground,
Knees met
Haven’t found my,
Feet yet
Since both have,
A flood met
A regal coral rose
And caught me in her
Reef net